Manuscript services

Designed for authors

Let me help you to get published!! From coaching and organisation to proof-reading the final pages, there is much that I can do to help you achieve your dream. The aim is to make your manuscript the best it can be – whether you are sending it to publishers or publishing it yourself.

  • Coaching and first steps
  • Short or full m/s appraisal
  • Detailed editing or proof-reading

“Celia is herself a writer; her editing skills are sympathetic, insightful and professional”

Frankie McMillan, award-winning New Zealand writer

The first draft is just the beginning…

Finished the first draft of your book? Well done! That already makes you stand out from the rest. But you are going to need yet more determination to be able to see your book in print. In a competitive market, publishers expect manuscripts to be of the highest standard. Let me help you to polish your manuscript until it shines – and has the best chance of getting published.

If you want to take the self-publishing route, as many authors are doing these days, I can help you to navigate the various publishing platforms. These platforms declare themselves to be easy to use but they usually have complicated formatting requirements that can mean you end up in a muddle or, at worst, with a dog’s dinner of a book. Years of publishing experience mean that I can find my way around the different formats and design your book so that it meets the printer’s requirements and looks professional. I could save you hours of headaches!

Have a look – I created these books…

These photo-rich books were written, designed and formatted by me. Essential Mantras for Everyone and Choose Kindness are filled with my images, too. So they are like a showcase of my work. You can find out more about them on this link.

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